Why Greenland Paddles?

VIPaddles, an accomplished Greenland paddle maker  on Vancouver Island BC, Canada developed out of a love of kayaking and a wish to maintain stamina on longer trips. We hand craft Western Red Cedar Greenland paddles for kayakers and Greenland style SUP  (StandUpPaddleboard) paddles. Greenland  paddles require less effort per stroke to use than a "Euro-paddle," reducing physical stress allowing kayakers to paddle for longer periods while exercising sensibly. VIPaddles' Greenland paddles are popular because they are easy to brace and roll with and not affected much by strong winds.  Carved from old growth Western Red Cedar, VIPaddles' Greenland paddles are very light, again reducing stress on the body. An often-overlooked advantage of a Greenland paddle is there is no need to check that you have the paddle oriented correctly - Greenland  paddles do not have a top or bottom or front or back  to the paddle face. They are symmetrical.

We are located in Nanaimo, British Columbia on Vancouver Island, Canada and try to have a small inventory of  handcrafted Greenland Paddles in stock ranging in length from 185 cm (73"). to 230 cm. (90.5") and a storm paddle or two. If we don't have a paddle matching your needs we'll make you a custom paddle,  at no additional cost, usually within a couple of weeks. We make one-piece and two-piece/take-apart  Greenland Paddles, with carbon fiber ferrules, from a single piece of cedar or we can laminate your VIPaddle from Western Red Cedar strips and include exotic wood highlights such as Purple heart, yellow cedar and other hardwoods..

All VIPaddles have a unique soft shoulder, semi-round looms and round tips with an edge profile consistent with the blade that reduces splash and noise while paddling.

Randy Millar, Greenland Paddle Maker

Benefits of Greenland Paddles

We work closely with the faller/sawyer  who harvests the trees that VIPaddles are made from. Our boards are custom sawn (not 2x4s) in the bush on a small sawmill from select logs according to colour and grain direction. Then they are stacked and dried naturally for several months before being carved into your beautiful VIPaddle.
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Carole from Hawkesbury, ON, Canada said;

"Oh my God Randy, this is unbelievable.
I just got home and open your package and my jaw dropped to the floor. No way you'll ever get that one back. I am lost for words. No wonder you did not want to part with it."
I am taking the day off tomorrow to go and try it and will get back to you after."

Sample photo of Haunted Coast Flutes
Terry from Burbank, Cal. received her VIPaddle reinforced with a 1/4 inch ash strip in Feb. 2015
Yellow Cedar tips on a Western Red Cedar Two Piece paddle with Carbon Fiber ferrule
VIPaddles maker & Haunted Coast Flutes Maker
Randy Millar